Public Events

Feminist Futures Helsinki
Hackathon Showcase

This is the showcase of the 12 projects that emerged from the Feminist Futures Helsinki hackathon 2021.The showcase was hosted by Eva Duran Sánchez, Henriette Friis, Helmi Korhonen, Nitin Sawhney, and Eve Nieminen from Futures Feminist Helsinki.

Indigenous Perspectives on Eco-Justice

With Petra Laiti

Indigenous people have been marginalized by colonialism for centuries. In the era of the climate crisis, the general public has become increasingly aware that indigenous people play a key role in upholding eco-systems in their traditional lands. Still, the climate movement is not exempt from marginalizing indigenous voices. How can indigenous people be brought to the forefront of the climate debate? How can we recognize when we are trying to do good, but end up doing harm instead?

Join us for a conversation with Sámi activist and writer Petra Laiti (Mihku Ilmára Mika Petra). The talk was facilitated by Henriette Friis and Eva Duran Sánchez from Futures Feminist Helsinki.

Bridging Two Worlds: Exploring Bilingual Typefaces

With Samar Zureik

This talk explores the impact and potential of bilingual typefaces in the public sector and in particular in the Finnish immigration system."Tirhal Family: A bilingual typeface bridging two worlds" is the thesis work of grapic designer and illustrator Samar Zureik.The talk was facilitated by Eva Duran Sánchez and Henriette Friis from Futures Feminist Helsinki.

Making Space / Taking Space

With Shubhangi Singh and Brenda Vértiz Márquez

A conversation between visual artist and filmmaker Shubhangi Singh and designer and researcher Brenda Vértiz Márquez. In this talk, the speakers talk about what it means to make space for play and participation in our cities and communities. It also goes into the act of countering invisibility with presence and making yourself seen. The speakers also reflect on the future of public spaces, and what it means when only certain demographics get to decide how they are used.The talk was facilitated by Eva Duran Sánchez and Henriette Friis from Futures Feminist Helsinki.

Decentralisation as a Practice for Liberation and Resilience

With Synes Elischka

In this lecture Synes Elischka talks about their own experience of co-creating a decentralised organisation structure for Querq / Nurja in Helsinki, and give some tips for how to get started experimenting with the ways in which we organise ourselves.The talk was facilitated by Henriette Friis from Futures Feminist Helsinki.

Take a moment to think about all the different organisations that you participate in: how many of them are built around "coercive power," using punishment or reward to make us act to meet the needs of the system? Decentralisation is about finding an organisation structure that constantly evolves, and adapts to our needs and values… So instead of humans adjusting themselves to the need of the system, we keep updating our systems so they meet our needs.