15 - 31 May 2021, online in Helsinki

A hackathon for imagining alternative futures for Finnish society. 🔮️

The Feminist Futures Helsinki hackathon 2021 is not an exclusive space for programmers and hackers - and it is not an exclusive space for women. This is an inclusive space for anyone and everyone who wants to take part in shaping the future of Finnish society. A future where power is challenged (and redistributed), where multiple forms and sources of knowledge are recognised, and where culture is based on inclusion rather than exclusion. 

The past year has highlighted social and economic divides. Our hackathon challenges the notion that complex societal issues can be fixed by technology alone. Feminism asks us to put a critical eye on institutionalized power, to embrace emotion, and to think beyond binary structures.

When we say “Feminist Futures” we are talking about anti-racist, decolonial, accessible, equitable, and just futures for people of all genders and all backgrounds. Our definition of feminism begins with the belief in and the advocacy of the political, social and economic equality of all people.