Research 📚️ (PDF) Check “Feminist Futures Helsinki Hackathon: Transdisciplinary co-creation of socially engaged projects”, the research that emerged from the hackathon as a master’s thesis co-written by two of the organisers — Henriette Friis and Eva Duran Sánchez 

The following documents and toolkits were created for the participants in the Feminist Futures Helsinki hackathon 2021, but we would love it if more people could benefit from them! 

Community Agreements 💎️
(PDF) A brief description of our common values, rules and expectations.

Hackathon 101 Guide 🔮
(PDF) The basics of the basics.

Project Briefs
Toolkits for Design Phases 🧠️
Click the image to view the PDF

Who are the people you are working with/for? What norms are present in this work? How does power show up in this project? What tickles your interest? From your perspective(s), what is this project really about?

Who is prioritised in these futures? Who is not prioritised/left behind? Who will financially benefit from these futures? Who will pay a higher price? Who has the power now? Who will have the power in the future?

What is the story that you want to tell? What are the futures that you want to see happen? Who is visible in your work and your presentation? What norms and stereotypes are you reproducing - or challenging?