Inspiring Tracks & Projects


Feminist narratives of the future of surrogacy

(Naisasialiitto Unioni)

How can we analyse analysing power dynamics in exploitative surrogacy? How can we challenging the patriarchal and capitalist concept of the family to imagine feminist futures?

Improving Immigration

(Reform Migri)

Analysis and recommendations for more inclusive and non-discriminatory immigration policies in Finland.

Enabling age-inclusive participatroy communities

(City of Helsinki)

Challenging traditional views of labour, increasing the autonomy of seniors, building and nurturing inclusive communities, and encouraging intergenerational connections.  
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Dreaming of a feminist and anti-racist Internet in Finland


The understanding of the Feminist principles of the internet in Finland is very limited. How might we facilitate interdisciplinary conversations in safer spaces with tools to manage online violence? 

Supporting victims of gender based digital violence

(Turv@verkko, Naisten Linja)

How might Turv@verkko services help people experience online violence? How might these services become more visible to reach gender and sexual minorities, and minoritized groups?

Rest is Resistance: Sustainable Activism


How might we encourage the idea of self-care Exploring rest as a fundamental pillar to sustain activism. 

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Cities built for the people

(FEMMA Planning)

Creative methods for active community participation for inclusivity in urban planning.

Inclusive Lapinlahti

(Lapinlahden Lähde)

Tools and methods for understanding the context and resourcs of Lapinlahti. 

Loneliness-free cities

(FEMMA Planning)

Coming soon.

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Intersectional Climate Movement

(Climate Move)

Climate crisis is not only about meteorological mess. Climate crisis is also about the cultural climate of our everyday lives.

Strengthening Sámi Allyship

(Ellos Deatnu / Snowchange)

Coming soon.

Spaces for Dialogue for Climate Change

(Ellos Deatnu / Snowchange)

How might we flip the disservice done to the Sámi by the academic community? How might Sámi community preserve the oral and visual tradition of passing knowledge in their own terms?

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